Purchase and sale

We protect your interests and make sure that all the documents are in order for the purchase or sale of your property.

PURCHASE: To guarantee the success of the purchase, our team will provide personalised assistance when you buy your home in Spain.

SALE: We make sure that all the documentation is correctly prepared and presented to prevent any problems or delays in the sale and avoid any unwanted legal and financial consequences.

Furthermore, we make sure you avoid problems in the future, such as claims for not having paid all the corresponding taxes, and we also ensure that you don’t pay more than you should.

POWERS OF ATTORNEY: If you grant us a power of attorney, we can represent you in notarised, financial or administrative formalities, etc. when you are not in Spain.

This option can save you a lot of time and money on travel to Spain. Furthermore, with our knowledge of Spanish law and taxes, we can prevent problems owning to lack of knowledge, such as missing documents, overpayment for transactions, annoying and unnecessary delays, etc.