How to obtain the habitation certificate for properties in Spain?

The habitation certificate is a very important document you need to have if you are going to buy or sell a property in Spain. It is a document obtained from the Town Hall which confirms that the property complies with the Town Hall's habitation requirements so it is ready to live in for the use…
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Council tax in Spain (IBI): A Guide to the Spanish Property Tax

The yearly local tax (IBI tax) you have to pay as property owner in Spain What is the I.B.I? The Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles (named IBI tax in Spain, and also commonly known as SUMA tax in Alicante province) is a yearly council property tax in Spain which is paid to the local Town Hall…
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Spanish capital gains tax: How to calculate it?

Calculate your correct CGT when selling your property in Spain We get asked many times non-residents and residents in Spain about is the cost for the Spanish Capital Gains tax in the sale of a property in Spain. This tax is paid on the profit obtained in the sale, after deducting all the considered deductions…
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